We do not mean to imply there is anything nefarious going on over at CLOUTHUB.COM, but all indicators are that they may be involved in Child Sex Trafficking and worse. We are neither Judge or Jury. What we are seekers with unusual powers. We have information which we then share. Decide for yourself. Investigate for yourself. Then report your findings back here. Later – Hari



Grum – Isolation EP (Full EP) [@GRUM] — Catch the Moment

After a year-long hiatus from the label, Anjunabeats luminary Grum returns with the ‘Isolation EP’. Graeme Shepherd, better known as Grum, hails from Glasgow. His relationship with Anjunabeats stretches back to 2015, when Above & Beyond signed him to the label over a glass of whisky one night after a gig. A string of brilliant […]

Grum – Isolation EP (Full EP) [@GRUM] — Catch the Moment

Melding Two Cultures Together

I find myself in a bit of a pickle. I run two WordPress sites for two entirely different purposes.

Almost 24/7 News is my most popular site. It’s an alternative website which covers topics such as Election Fraud, Election Audit, Trump, MAGA, Politics, Science, Medicine, Pandemic HOAX, Deep State, Deep Fakes, UFOs, Business, the Economy, Religion, Philosophy, anything current and news related.

Q & R Drops is this site. It is more related to my personal, more ‘core’ side. It includes some, if not all, of my areas of interest in the world. I add to this Blog site constantly, as I discover fascinating sites I discover on the web.

The problem is where do I concentrate my efforts & energies?

Fortunately, I’ve found a way to ‘glue’ the two sites together.

If you are looking for hard news from an angle you just don’t get anywhere else, then Almost 24/7 News is for you. It’s the more ‘masculine’ side of me.

If you are looking for soul searching & personal enhancement information, then Q & R Drops is for you. The Q & R in the site’s name stands for Question and Rejuvenate. That’s all.

If you’ve got questions, then come on in and rejuvenate. It was my personal day spa for many years. Now I’ve decided to open it up to everyone.

We could all use a lift from time to time. It’s nice to have someone offering a helping hand when we most need it, and Q & R Drops strives to be that place.

There is no secret reference to these letters as used in the news. Like those weasels over at Clouthub who talk about Q this, and R that. They sound like fools, if you ask me. <grin>

Simply put, Q & R is a site with ‘long term’ questions & answers to life’s challenges. Topics include most of my hobbies, tons of areas of interest, and lots of life lesson material.

Somewhere in between these two sites I plan on offering classes, specifically technology related, especially the use and abuse or it.

Since my past career was educating college students in Information Technology, it carries over into retirement. My specific areas of expertise included Computer Forensics: Evidence Discovery & Data Recovery.

Although that’s my area of expertise, my computer experience goes back to 1976, a total of 47 years tinkering with this civilization changing tool. I have witnessed the good and bad over those many years. All the changes to society and to people over the years captured my interest.

Once that happens, it’s the end for that subject. I attack it and look at it from all angles, looking for a way ‘in’. I’m always striving to know the subject as best as I can. I guess that’s where I get the label ‘lifelong student’ from.

We all thought computers would make life easier, instead they made it more disjointed and hectic. I saw this coming along with other problems (information overload, loss of jobs, cultural disruption, mental health issues, concentration of media power) for many years.

In all of my classes, I made sure to stress to students that: 1) Computers are only a tool. You must know when to pick them up and when to put them down and 2) I hate technology.

For an explanation of these two points you’ll have to spend some time on my sites and discover for yourself. Or you could always take the shortcut and message or email me. If I get enough responses, I’ll even post a blog with my answers.

I hope you like this new layout. It promises to be a great site with so many possibilities. We can even live stream, chat, and podcast! This is going to be fun.

Well, that’s about it for now. I have lots more to say, but then that’s my own personal problem. Drop by anytime for a quick news fix, or stay all day long, relax and heal.

This place started out as just my own private hideaway. But as I created it, I realized I didn’t want a site for me. I wanted a site for everyone else.

I saw so much hurt and mayhem in the world, I felt people needed a site which gave them straight, unfiltered news.

I saw people needed a safe place to connect with others who are like them. A place to share their troubles, anxieties, hope, dreams, and thoughts.

A place with no Trolls, Gold Coin Sellers, Ecurrency sellers, tee-shirt & baseball cap sellers, or any of the other crap. Sorry, but even ads on a page distract me. And if they bother me, I know they bother other people.

All you’re trying to do is get information. Instead they give you a animated Elmo ad, pushing hemorrhoid cream. Nobody deserves that in their face.

That leaves us with these two sites glued into one magnificent site.

A place to unplug.

A place to get answers.

A place to heal.

I hope I’ve accomplished that with these sites. They will be ever-changing and dynamic.

There won’t be any fluff pieces here about Donald Trump’s favorite brand of dental floss or how many vacation rentals you can book in a year.

And I swear, on a stack of Bibles, NEVER will you ever be bullied into buying GOLD COINS. I promise.

Hari Seldon, Publisher, May 26, 2021

Q R Drops –

Almost 24/7 News –

See you all around the bunkhouse.